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How to Get Testnet CFX

Are you a new user of Conflux blockchain? Or are you a developer planning to develop a Dapp on Conflux? Then you may need some CFX to interact with the Conflux network. We provide the testnet CFX faucet service, which allows users to apply for the testnet CFX and experience it in the Conflux testnet environment.

Faucet Dapp#

We have developed a Faucet Dapp, which not only can be used to claim CFX but also tokens, currently includes FC, cUSDT.


To use the Faucet Dapp, simply connect to the dapp using Fluent or Portal, and click "Claim".

Use Fluent Wallet to create an account#

To apply for the testnet CFX, you first need a Conflux account. Usually accounts are created and managed through the Fluent wallet. Fluent is a browser plug-in wallet, similar to Ethereum's MetaMask wallet. It is currently supported by Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Users can directly search for Fluent Wallet in the browser plug-in market, select and install it. Or find it in Fluent official website

After the Fluent wallet is installed, the first step is to set the password:

The next step is to create or import an account seed phrase. The account seed phrase can be used to generate or restore an account, so it is very important and needs to be kept properly.


After the seed phrase is created, Fluent will automatically create an account through it and you can see the name, address, balance and other information of the account. You can also see the CFX Send and Deposit buttons, click to send or receive CFX.


Apply for testnet CFX#

The default Fluent network is Conflux Hydra (mainnet). The first step is to switch the Fluent network to Conflux testnet.


After switching the network, please note the warning message about the address change.

Now you can go to the Faucet Dapp, and click on the Connect button in both the page and in the "Connect to this web site" form.


When the wallet is connected, your CFX address appears in the Connect button and it is green now. You can select CFX in the tokens list and clic on the CLAIM button, a sign transaction window appears and you can click on the Confirm button .


If successful, the interface will return the hash of the CFX transaction. Switch back to Fluent and you can see that the balance will increase by 1,000 CFX. You can use the hash to view the details of the transaction on ConfluxScan.