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Upgraded CIPs

This hardfork Conflux activate and implement modifications of 7 different CIPs (improvement proposal) including cip-43, cip-64, cip-71, cip-72, cip-76, cip-78 and cip-86. The following is a brief introduction of these CIPs.

Included CIPs#


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In this CIP, we propose introducing finality to the Conflux chain via voting among staked CFX holders. This will increase the confidence of high-value transactions happening on Conflux in the future and protect Conflux against potential 51% attacks from PoW.


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Currently, transactions on Conflux have no direct access to the number of the epoch they are executed in. To maintain EVM compatibility, this CIP introduces a new internal contract that makes this information available to contracts.


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Fully disable the anti-reentrancy for their contract.


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Make Conflux accepts the signatures signed by Ethereum's wallets, such as Metamask.


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We should remove VM-related constraints in syncing blocks, like requiring the transactions to have enough gas limit.


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Fix incorrect fields in transaction receipt.


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Reduce the period of difficulty adjustment and apply the simple moving average method.

Testnet Upgrade schedule#

  1. Conflux client program need to be updated before Epoch Number reaches 55095000 or Block Number reaches 68845000 (around 10:00 Dec.9th, 2021(GMT+8))
  2. The PoS registration start at Block Number 68845000 (around Dec.9th at 10:00)
  3. The PoS registration close at Block Number 69245000 (around Dec.11 at 18:00)
  4. The deadline for adding pos_config is before Epoch Number reaches 55665000 (around Dec.13th 15:00). Hardfork upgrade completed at this time.

For detail infomation check Conflux v2.0.0-testnet Hardfork Upgrade Announcement